What is a Book Club?

Ans: It is a place to meet with friends to ‘explore’ the world of books. Here they will

  1. Learn new skills and hone existing ones
  2. Learn to use their imagination
  3. Learn to question, debate, analyse, create, and express.
  4. Have fun!

Why a Book Club?

Ans: A Book Club creates a friendly, interactive, and fun environment to encourage reading, which will eventually minimise their screen-time. It also introduces a social element to what can be a solitary activity.

How will Reading help?

Ans: Reading is one of the few activities that helps develop both the left and right side of the brain. It helps in improving vocabulary, imagination, focus, and concentration.

How will the Book Club help?

Ans: Apart from expanding their imagination, vocabulary, language skills, and knowledge; they learn social skills like empathy, compassion, and kindness. It increases their clarity of thinking. The book club helps a child to grow into a well-rounded individual.

Why do they need to meet?

Ans: First, reading can be a solitary activity, especially for independent and avid readers. Without the exchange of thoughts and ideas, children might not be able to understand that they are missing out on certain significant details. Second, for nascent and budding readers, ‘talking about’ the book or even listening to their peers discussing the book, sparks fresh interest. The Book Club allows for healthy socialising among their peers by encouraging

  1. Knowledge sharing
  2. Fresh and new perspectives to emerge
  3. Creative expression through craft, games, enactments, and music, to name a few.

Where does the book club meet?

Ans. We meet online, through an online video conferencing tool. The link for your child’s session will be shared with you.
Contact us for further details.

How often will the Book Club meet?

Ans: The Book Club will meet once every week. This will ensure that

  1. The child reads something every week.
  2. The child feels interested/excited about what is going to happen next if they find themselves lagging behind others.
  3. There is a continuous connect with the book and theme through the various activities conducted during the Book Club meetings.

How do you select the books?

We, at Book Explorers,select books meticulously and methodically. We use a combination of three elements.

  1. Genre-Theme Nexus Model
  2. Funnel Method of Book Selection
  3. Literary Cherry-Picking Method
For more detail, please click here.

How is Book Explorers different from school lessons?

Ans: It is recreational; hence there is no push towards the activity. The children are encouraged to come to the sessions regardless of whether they have read the book or not. They are not assessed or judged on their reading or learning capacities. We offer books relating to a wide variety of themes and genres so the children will find something that interests them

How many children in a group?

We keep a small group size (8-10 children) so that

  1. Personal attention (to their reading skill and vocabulary, for example) can be provided by the facilitators.
  2. Children open up and interact positively in a smaller group more effectively

What age group?

Ans: The book club is for 7-13 year-olds because at this age children are capable of

  1. Reading on their own and understanding concepts
  2. Expressing their ideas and raising questions
  3. Discussing ideas among peers and finding connections between different ideas

What are the activities?

Ans: Depending on the book and its theme, we have arts, craft, costume party, word vocab games; to name a few.

What about reading skills?

Ans: A child of 7 may be reading books for 10 year olds and vice versa. So we group them according to their reading and comprehension level and not their age.

How many books a month?

Ans: We want children to be physically active. So, the number of books they read depends on the length and complexity of the book. Although our average is about 2, children have read up to 3 books a month.

How much time is required?

Ans: The book club meets once every week for a duration of approximately 90 minutes. At home, we ideally want the children to read every day. This can be daunting, at first, especially if the child is a beginner. But we guarantee that once a daily reading habit is set in place, reading speed and comprehension will improve significantly. Parental encouragement and support is imperative in helping them develop a daily reading habit.

What about other languages?

Ans: We include translated works in Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, French, Portuguese, and Spanish; among others.

Where will I find the books?

Ans: We share the list of books for every level at the onset. Parents will need to procure the books. Books can be purchased online from Amazon or can be borrowed from local/school libraries. Second-hand book stores are also magical places that you can explore with your child.